Perfect Match for Assisted Living & Memory Care Facilities!



Your residents will establish a healthy circadian rhythm allowing them to be awake and alert during the day and relaxed and sleepy at night.

Energy Savings


OK Technologies has a unique financing option that takes the financial impact to you out of the equation. Don’t believe it … allow us to do an audit for you and prove it!

· Zero upfront cost

· Competitive options

· 100% financing & fast turn around



OK Technologies  will differentiate you versus your competition in the market enabling you to increase healthy occupancy and possibly rates. 

Energy Savings


 A 60-75% energy savings on the facilities lighting electric bill. Additional maintenance savings is provided by the 10+ year life expectancy. 

Client Focused


Our business is Senior Living and how we can improve their Quality of Life! As an Agile company it is our clients that determine our direction and focus.

Bringing Technology Together

Bringing Technology Together

 Intelligent LED lighting solutions are driving the digital transformation of the lighting industry with the creation of the “digital ceiling,” which has become the foundation for smart building automation. OK Technologies brings together the best solutions available to make the promise of smart buildings a reality by leveraging the technology convergence of the Internet of Things with the disruption of smart lighting.  

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