Helping Dementia & Alzheimer's Patients Stay in Their Home!


The mission of OK Technologies is to improve the quality of life of those that suffer with Dementia and Alzheimer's as well as the life of those that care for them. Through the combination and use of a variety of technologies we can improve the home environment and provide information that can enhance the care given to the person.

We can do this by deploying technologies throughout the home such as; Circadian Lighting, a variety of sensors,  aromatherapy, music therapy, etc. all with the purpose of improving the quality of life. The tools we use work together to improve the quality of life that comes with being able to quickly detect changes in key health indicators, improved sleep patterns, reduced behaviors (yelling, agitation, crying…) and a better understanding of their needs. 

The importance of light – those with Alzheimer’s and Dementia often lose track of time, getting their days and nights confused and their natural circadian rhythm tends to drift from the traditional 24 hour cycle, causing confusion, frustration and lashing out. Studies have concluded that if these patients were subject to a controlled environment their quality of life is enhanced substantially. Therefore, with the use of Circadian Lighting to simulate a typical 24 hour cycle with sunlight, we are able to “change” the patterns of the patients and thus enhance the daily life cycles. We program our system to assure light cycles and levels for a safe environment. When circadian rhythms are back on pace and melatonin secretion is on time, this enables the client to sleep uninterrupted. Better sleep cycles allow the patients to be better rested, alert and respond to normal daily stimulation.

The system that allows each patient to experience this phenomenon is available today! 

The system is programmed to assure safe light cycles for a safe environment.

Weekly reports will be reviewed and monitored to assure the patients are on track. If further deterioration in their sickness is seen, adjustments can be made to assure the same safe environment will be experienced.


Our system can be deployed in any size home, apartment or condo. To understand what a typical set up would look like please click the link below.

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